It's our specialty

Luciano Lamberti arrived to America in 1963 with his family from Naples, Italy. His father Guiseppe and mother, Rosa, taught the family their recipes that were handed down from many generations. Luciano decided in 1999 to bring those recipes to the Jersey shore and opened up a restaurant in Margate, NJ. If you are looking for dinner with the best sunsets in town, fun with friends after water-crafting, or a family friendly environment, Lucian Lamberti's Sunset Marina & Restaurant is your place.

Passion for culture

We built our menu using the techniques and flavors passed down for generations in Italy while also incorporating the influence of modern American cuisine. By merging these traditions, and letting our favorite aspects from each shine through, we have created classic dishes with a distinct soul. Our flavors meld into something spectacular and convey the love we have for the food, and culture it represents.